NATRUE authentication ensures that it is a natural as possible the cosmetics

  • natural and organic ingredients have been blended.
  • at the manufacturing stage that is allowed limit has been protected.
  • friendly production methods to the environment have been taken.
  • synthetic perfumes and synthetic dyes have not been formulated.
  • petroleum-based raw materials (paraffin, PEG, propyl system, alkyl-based, other petroleum derivatives, etc.) are not included.
  • silicon oil and its derivatives are not included.
  • does not include raw materials from genetically modified plants or organic material (by the EU organic farming standards).
  • The products and vegetable component does not have radiation treatment is performed.
  • animal experiments have not been carried out.

About three authentication Quality

Certification mark of

NATRUE shows the following three authentication quality.

  • natural cosmetics

    To ensure the maximum of natural is. In addition, this quality is the foundation of NATRUE. Good ingredients and blended, what kind of process is observed (such as the limit of the processing stage number of times) it is determined. In addition to each product group, natural raw materials that must be blended with more than the amount stipulated, also it has established a blending limit of the quasi-natural raw materials.
  • natural cosmetics that contain organic raw materials

    70% or more of the natural raw materials that are blended * must be organic (organic cultivation or inspection has been wild harvested). The difference between natural cosmetics is, the amount of the higher natural raw materials, and is the provisions of the amount of the lower quasi-natural raw materials.
  • Organic cosmetics

    95 percent or more of the natural raw materials that are blended * must be organic (organic cultivation or inspection has been wild harvested). Also natural raw materials is more, it has been established and must be compounded semi-natural raw materials is further reduced. * In some cases, it may also refer to a quasi-natural raw materials

3 one of the raw materials division

Raw materials

formulations have been observed can be divided into the following three. Formulation of other raw materials will not be accepted.

  • (also contains water) Natural raw materials

    Literally, it refers to the raw material obtained directly from the natural world. To obtain a raw material physical methods (as for example the seeds pressed to obtain an oil) are permitted. Organically grown raw materials is also a part of the natural raw materials.
  • quasi-natural raw materials

    Refers to the natural raw materials chemical processing has been performed, but the chemical treatment method that has been observed has been limited. Quasi-natural raw materials, is the raw material that is recognized formulated only if there is no natural raw materials with a specific function. As an example, it is impossible to obtain a cleaning effect which is only natural raw materials are required, the cleaning agent will be exemplified.
  • Nature the same raw material ( "Natural Aiden Tikal" a is a synthetic raw material)

    It exists in the natural world, but it refers to a chemically produced raw materials. This natural same raw material have been observed formulation only as a preservative and mineral material, more fully no amount needed in nature, and / or conditions regarding that if not be obtained in the quality that meets the demands you.

More specific NATRUE certification standards (Japanese version) You can see the download from the web site below.