NATRUE was founded in 2007 as the purpose of maintaining the strict standards for natural and organic cosmetics, it is an international non-profit organization located in Brussels, Belgium.
NATRUE Since its establishment has played a major role in the natural cosmetics market in the current Europe, about 130 brands, and 3000 of the product is certified.

Protect the beauty of nature, from the goal of promoting the awareness of high-quality skin care products that come from there, NATRUE authentication has high standards, NATRUE label has continued to gain the trust of the consumer in the natural cosmetics market .
Certification standards and processes, etc., all the information is generally to be published, it is also one of the features that the examination by a fair third party certification body is carried out.

The cosmetics also exists to include a number of synthetic ingredients. These synthetic ingredients in NATRUE has specified that considered to be unnecessary, to use a high quality of raw materials close to natural as possible. What is important is not the only component are blended. Also considered possible to maintain the quality of the raw materials is to guarantee the value of the natural cosmetics, NATRUE supports producers who cherish organic cultivation farming, how sustainable production, biodiversity.

NATRUE, and for companies that participate in the NATRUE, you are possible to keep the harmony between nature and human beings in the cultural life of a raison d'etre itself.

Strict NATRUE criteria have been developed by the Scientific Committee. Commission experts from NATRUE member companies, is mainly composed of external experts from the cosmetics industry, key stakeholders (raw material suppliers, organizations, such as international experts) is also in the meeting as guests and observers you are invited. Regular also line conference by this way NATRUE criteria natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics are the latest technological development therefore constantly updated in the field, of the criteria of harmonious interpretation and third-party certification organization to promote understanding we crack.

NATRUE and NATRUE For more information on authentication, refer to the http://www.natrue.org/information-for/manufacturers/natrue-criteria/.